Discover Your Skills

No matter whether you're entering the job market for the first time or changing careers after 20 years, and no matter whether you’re interested in a specific industry or just trying to learn about different options, there is good news: Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs just waiting to be filled by people with the right skills. To be considered, you’ll need to learn these skills and earn the credentials employers are looking for. Which is exactly what Discover Your Skills is all about. From general questions about choosing a career to education and training options to inspirational videos and information about specific industries, this site can put you on the path to a well-paying, much-needed job. The kind of job we all depend on to maintain our way of life. Your future starts now. Good luck.

Career Exploration

Whether you know the career you want to embark on or are still considering different options, these sites will help you take the next step. They’ll tell you what’s out there and what you need to do to get the credentials those industries require.

My Next Move for Veterans

You've served your country. Now you're ready for a new challenge. What do you want to do for a living?

Veterans Job Bank Widget

The Veterans Job Bank Search Widget is the latest tool developed by to help streamline the job search process for the military and Veteran communities.


The aim of this site is to help college grads transition to the workplace with all the skills they need to be successful. It offers smart tips, videos and real-world training to help you build those skills.


Everything you could wish to know about a variety of industries including individual job descriptions within those industries. There’s also lots of data on colleges throughout the U.S. as well as all the facts about careers that begin in the military.


If you already know the career you want, this easy-to-navigate site will tell you everything there is to know about it. And if you’re not sure, it has comprehensive information on over 900 career options, and a quick questionnaire to see which occupations could be the best fit.

Changing Jobs

Whether by choice or necessity, there may come a time when you find yourself changing careers. Fortunately, there are lots of jobs available in all kinds of industries. But starting anew will almost definitely require learning a new set of skills. These sites are a good place to start.

My Next Move for Veterans

You've served your country. Now you're ready for a new challenge. What do you want to do for a living?

Veterans Job Bank Widget

The Veterans Job Bank Search Widget is the latest tool developed by to help streamline the job search process for the military and Veteran communities.

Career InfoNet

For Hispanics looking for a new career, you’ll find hundreds of career videos in Spanish, as well as information on different industries, occupations and state labor markets. There are many other career tools here to help you get started.


If you're thinking of a career change, or just want to know more about other jobs or even other industries, this site will help you take the next steps. From researching other occupations to advice on additional training, you’ll find everything you need to land that higher-paying, more fulfilling position.


A comprehensive job search engine for the Latino community, LatPro features a vast array of bilingual and Spanish-language employment opportunities. Besides searching for a new career online you can also post your resumé for employers and recruiters to view, as well as learn about LatPro’s many bilingual job fairs throughout the U.S. Available in Spanish

My Skills My Future

If you're looking to change careers, this site matches your current skills to future opportunities. Not only does it suggest careers with similar skill set needs, it also tells you about any additional training you may need and even lists current job openings in those areas. Available in Spanish

Education & Training

Getting the job you want will require having the right skills and credentials. There are many ways to get these: community colleges, technical or trade schools, apprenticeships, on-the-job training and more. These sites will help you decide which path to take to end up in your chosen career.


There are many ways to learn and many paths to a successful career. Here you’ll find details on Registered Apprenticeships. These programs offer access to a wide variety of career options and the ‘earn and learn’ model offers excellent training and a good-paying job from day one. Available in Spanish


As the name implies, this site covers every aspect of finding a job, from career options to education and training to writing resumés and interview skills. It even lists starting salaries in different industries, by region, as well as actual job opportunities


If you’re looking to continue your education beyond community college, this site will help you take the next step. It covers everything from finding the right college to applying to paying for tuition. It even helps you plan for financial aid and search for scholarships. Available in Spanish

Community College Finder

Community colleges are an excellent choice for getting the skills and credentials many employers are looking for. This fact-filled site offers a state-by-state look at America’s community colleges with direct links to their sites for more information.

Job Corps

This free education and training program helps young people from low-income families learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find a keep a good job. The focus is on academic, vocational, IT, employability and independent living skills.


If you’re interested in acquiring the technical skills and certification necessary for a job in the transportation, aviation and energy industries, this site has all the information you need. The National Coalition of Certification Centers brings together educational institutions and leading corporations to help give you the exact training you need for a successful technical career.

National Community Service

If you’re not quite ready to look for a job, but feel the need to do something useful, this site details all you need to know to volunteer for community or national service. Besides the many social and proven health benefits of volunteering, it’s an excellent way to learn new skills or sharpen old ones in preparation for entering the job market.

Today's Military

Not only can the military provide you with a long career, it can also be the gateway to successful careers in many other industries. From the marketable skills you learn while in active service to the education support guaranteed by the GI Bill, this site details how to get in to and what you’ll get out of today’s military. Available in Spanish

Trades in Focus

There is a chronic shortage of skilled labor in America – the types of trade jobs we all take for granted but couldn’t live without. This site highlights the many opportunities for those with the right problem-solving skills and tells you how to get the training and certification required for a long-term career.

By Industry

If you know the industry you’re looking to enter, or you just want to learn more about one or two and what’s required to get into them, these sites will tell you all you need to know.


This comprehensive site will lead you through all the steps you need to take for a career in homebuilding. From training opportunities in the trade skills required for today’s residential construction to apprenticeships and mentoring programs.


This detailed site has all the information you need for a career as a general contractor in the ever-changing construction industry. Of particular interest are the training programs, education courses and job listings.


If you're considering a career as a builder or contractor, this site has all you need to get started, including a list of chapters across the country that offer training and apprenticeships in over 20 construction crafts.


There are many reasons to consider a job in the energy industry. With the right education and training, you can begin a rewarding, well-paying career that’s vital to our way of life. This site has everything you need to know.


If you're leaning toward a career in healthcare, this site lets you explore over 80 options, details what you need to qualify for a job in this dynamic industry and even tells you what positions are available in your zip code.


Right now there are thousands of healthcare and medical jobs available. Everything from nursing positions to counselors, therapists, medical imaging specialists and many more. This site has them all.


While the site offers information for current and future health professionals in New York, its comprehensive job descriptions and education requirements are relevant to anyone interested in a career in healthcare, no matter where you live.


If you're looking for a medical career or a job in the healthcare industry, this site will connect you to what's out there. Right down to your zip code.


This state-by-state, category-by-category search engine will tell you all about jobs that are currently available in the hospitality industry.


The manufacturing industry desperately needs skilled workers for today’s more technologically advanced workplaces. If a career in manufacturing interests you, this site details the education and training you need to get started.


From a dream career quiz that tells you what type of career best suits you to an extensive list of available jobs, this is the perfect site for anyone interested in working in the modern manufacturing industry.


If you're interested in a career in the retail industry this comprehensive site is packed full of information, including recruitment and training resources.


American veteran Derek LeMay is interviewed about becoming educated, certified and employed as an IT professional at Symantec as a result of CompTIA's Troops to Tech Careers program.


There are hundreds of thousands of IT job openings in America. If this is something you’re interested in, this site can guide you through the training and certification process necessary for a potential new job or long-term career.


American veterans Shawn Cooper and Jeremiah Mane are interviewed about becoming educated, certified and employed as IT professionals at Convergys as a result of CompTIA's Troops to Tech Careers program.


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